Published: 20-08-2019 12:36 | Updated: 27-09-2019 11:13

Walk n Talk - Center for Alzheimer Research invites you to walk

Meet your colleagues, while getting some activity and fresh air.
Wednesday: Akademiska Stråket 1, Bioclinicum, Solna
Friday: Blickagången 16, NEO, Flemingsberg
@ 12 am, the walk will be 30-40 minutes and at an easy pace.

A groupleader within the Center for Alzheimer Research will lead the walk of 30-40 minutes and you have the opportunity to ask questions about their work, or talk about anything else that is in your mind. Every walk will have a theme.

Keep an eye on KI's calendar.

The first ”Walk n Talk” will be held in Solna on Wednesday, September 4 and in Flemingsberg Friday, September 6.


Date and groupleader


02 okt          StratNeuro Retreat - no walk                

09 okt          Erika Jonsson Lakka        

16 okt          Maria Ankarcrona            

23 okt          Qiu Chengxuan                 

30 okt            Fall break - no walk          

06 nov          Andre Fisahn                    

13 nov          Sofia Schedin Weiss         

20 nov           Swedish Meeting for Alzheimer Research – no walk



04 okt           Anna Risling

11 okt           Dorota Religa

18 okt           TBA

25 okt           Mia Ericsdotter

01 nov           Fall break - no walk

08 nov          Janne Johansson

15 nov          Eric Westman

22 nov          Agneta Nordberg

Walk n Talk Poster


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