Published: 16-06-2023 15:15 | Updated: 20-06-2023 11:41

Visit from the City University of London in KI Residence Flemingsberg

One of our partner universities, the City University of London, came to visit KI and KI Housing offered them guided tours of our accommodation area “KI Residence Flemingsberg”.

Picture of the accommodation area KI Residence Flemingsberg
Accommodation area KI Residence Flemingsberg Photo: Edgardo Anabalón

Petra Chipperfield, lecturer in Health and Social Science at the City University of London, was positively surprised of the housing opportunities that we offer international students and researchers at KI.

- Personally, I found accommodation, including the environment very inviting, Petra Chipperfield says.

Edgardo Anabalón, the Residence Manager of KI Residence Flemingsberg, showed her a shared three-bedroom apartment and a family apartment including the cellar storage.

- I really liked the accommodation and felt that it was spacious and offered all essential kitchen equipment, beading and a wash machine - amazing!, she continues.

KI Housing is pleased to be able to offer our international students and researchers that great good housing opportunities on the KI Campuses in a city like Stockholm where it is a shortage of affordable housing.

- We are very happy to receive positive feedback from our partner University in London!, says Petrus Jansson, Team Manager of KI Housing.

KI Housing accommodation

KI Housing provides about 700 rooms and apartments in different accommodation areas in Stockholm. Two of our areas, KI Residence Flemingsberg and KI Residence Solna, are located straight on the two campuses in Flemingsberg and Solna.

More information of the accommodation areas provided by KI Housing


Petrus Jansson Teammanager