Published: 20-05-2024 09:12 | Updated: 20-05-2024 09:12

Vacant positions as visiting scientist at NIOM during 2025

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Positions as visiting scientists are yearly offered at NIOM in Oslo, Norway. It is now time to apply for the positions available for visits during 2025, within research in the field of biological, chemical, physical, and clinical questions related to biomaterials and oral health. Deadline for application: June 20, 2024

About NIOM

NIOM's primary objective is to conduct comprehensive research on dental materials, encompassing all types of biomaterials. The institute features a team of highly qualified researchers and research engineers, representing a wide range of disciplines such as toxicology, cell biology, microbiology, photobiology, and analytical chemistry. Clinical odontology is represented by prosthodontics, cariology, endodontics among others. This diverse expertise uniquely positions NIOM in the field of biomaterials. Currently, a permanent staff of 25 scientists and research engineers are working together with research fellows, visiting scientists, and in collaboration with researchers at universities, institutes, and public dental health services in the Nordic countries and worldwide.

The visiting scientist programme at NIOM

The purpose of NIOM's visiting scientist programme is to enhance Nordic collaboration on biomaterials research. NIOM funds positions available for periods between 3 and 6 months. Scientists working in the Nordic countries, with documented education and/or research experience, are welcome to apply. PhD students and young scientists affiliated with a Nordic institution are especially encouraged to apply.

As visiting scientist, you apply with a research question that aligns with the research profile of NIOM. 

For further information about our research profile, please see “Research areas” under “Research” on

After admission, your research project is planned together with one or more experts at NIOM, who also serve as supervising resources during your stay and when preparing your manuscript prior to publication. If you have a supervisor at your own university, the added NIOM supervisor brings special competence or assistance with methods not available within your own organisation.

To get an insight into being a visiting scientist at NIOM, please see “Visiting scientists” under “Research” on


The salary is based on personal qualifications, ranging from post-graduate to full professor. The visiting scientists pay their own living costs, but residents living outside the Oslo area are given a monthly additional allowance to cover accommodation.

More information about NIOM is available at Applicants are welcome to contact Professor Per Vult von Steyern, CEO of NIOM, or Dr. Hilde Kopperud, Head of Laboratory, for information and discussions prior to application.

The applicants shall prepare a brief research plan containing: (a) the aim of the project; (b) the materials and methods, including the instruments to be used (together approximately one page); and (c) a budget for the project (salary excluded).

The application, in a Scandinavian language or English, should include the applicant’s CV, research plan, and the length of the stay, and addressed to NIOM by e-mail

Deadline for application: June 20, 2024

Welcome with your application!


Oslo, May 2024

Professor Per Vult von Steyern