Published: 24-06-2024 13:39 | Updated: 24-06-2024 13:39

Updates from the teaching unit at MBB

The students have left for summer, and the study year 2023/2024 is now in its final phase, with exam corrections and summing up activities. A sincere thank you to everyone who has contributed to MBB’s teaching activities during this period.

Margareta Kling Pilström and Maria Fehrman
Margareta Kling Pilström and Maria Fehrman

Several divisions have expressed their wish to teach in subject areas closer to their respective expertise. The elective five-week courses in term 11 of the medical programme might offer release in this respect. Deadline for submitting a course proposal to the medical programme is September 15th, although the courses will not start running until fall 2026. For any division interested in this – please contact Håkan ASAP.

This summer we will be launching a web site (Canvas) with support material for the newly admitted biomedicine students, where they can study up before starting their studies here at KI. We are also making some minor adjustments to the Basic Science 2 course in the medical programme. In parallel, work with a strategy for MBB’s teaching is taking shape, seeking input from divisions during fall.

The teaching unit staff is going through some changes. By the end of June, Annika Olsson will leave us for semi-retirement, but she will still be around part-time at KI, maintaining her role in the kidney research team at FyFa. Thank you, Annika, for your excellent work!

In Annika’s place, we are happy to welcome Margareta Kling Pilström, otherwise with Jussi Taipale’s group, who will be managing the Scheele lab together with Joseph Bruton.

Susie Björkholm will try a temporary position as a study administrator at the GPH department for a year, and to fill her shoes, Maria Fehrman has just started her work. Maria has previously worked as a study administrator at Sophiahemmet, and at MBB her work will focus on the administration of MBB’s commitments within the medical program, mainly Basic Science 2. We wish Susie a great experience at GPH and a warm welcome to Maria!

Håkan Andersson and Bernhard Lohkamp