Published: 06-03-2024 15:24 | Updated: 06-03-2024 15:25

Two new bookable meeting rooms in ANA Futura

The two conversation rooms Betacellen and Levercellen on floor 7 are now bookable meeting rooms and are available in the Outlook calendar together with the other meeting rooms.

Image of a table and six chairs in a meeting room in ANA Futura. Green curtains surrounds the walls.
Meeting room Betaellen in ANA Futura. Photo: Tommy Eklund


  • Floor: 7. (by the coffee room on the north side)
  • Seats: 6 seats.
  • Equipment: Whiteboard.
Picture of a meeting room with four blue chairs and a small wooden table. Green thin curtains surround the walls.
Meeting room Levercellen in ANA Futura. Photo: Christina Sundqvist


  • Floor: 7. (by the coffee room on the south side)
  • Seats: 4 seats.
  • Equipment: Whiteboard.