Published: 21-11-2023 11:22 | Updated: 21-11-2023 11:38

Track progress of KI’s strategic focus areas

Icons for the strategic focus areas.
Icons for the strategic focus areas, created 2023. Illustration: N/A.

Karolinska Institutet has recently defined nine strategic focus areas to support the university’s growth, with the long-term objective of realising our vision. Work is now underway to concretise each focus area. Track the progress on a new page of the Staff Portal.

KI’s nine strategic focus areas have been defined in dialogue between the university management and students, employees and managers, and outline what KI needs to focus on in its activities to fulfil the objectives and vision set out in Strategy 2030.

"The work within the strategic focus areas will deliver a strong and attractive KI with sustainable structures, increased collaboration, clarity and transparency," writes president Annika Östman Wernerson in her leader in the latest issue of KI News

You can now track the progress of the strategic focus areas on a new page of the Staff Portal: 

Achieving our vision through strategic focus areas 

The strategic focus areas complete with constituent tasks can be found listed at the bottom of the linked page. Each focus area to be concretised. 

Now begins the next phase, in which each focus area is to be concretised with details, for example, on the process for each area going forward and on who will be involved. The the strategic focus areas page will be updated regularly.