Published: 24-03-2017 11:44 | Updated: 27-03-2017 10:24

ToxMaster programme celebrated 40 years at IMM and KI

Successful celebration of 40 years of education in toxicology at KI and IMM on 25 November 2016

The celebration started with an open seminar in Aula Medica entitled “Toxicology for the future”. The programme included an overview of toxicology and the programme since the start in 1976 and highlights of scientific development within the area of toxicology and health risk assessment in the perspective of societal needs, challenges, possibilities and education - Adverse Outcome Pathways, Endocrine Disruption, mixtures, alternative methods, omics data, in silico methods, nanoparticles, microbiome etc. Presentations can be found here.

Presenters were from the Institute of environmental medicine (IMM), Swetox and European Commission Joint Research Centre, Italy. More than 200 alumni, current students, teachers, toxicologists and others interested participated.

The celebrations continued with a dinner and party at restaurant Jöns Jacob with 130 current students, alumni and teachers. The course from 1985-1987 won 1st prize in party participation rate (100% or 5/5 alumni).

The current student and KI digital ambassador Jennifer Tsai wrote about the celebration in her blog. An interview with the Programme director Annika Hanberg and student Edwin Chari is available here.