Published: 01-11-2021 17:37 | Updated: 01-11-2021 17:37

Time to report secondary occupations

It´s time to report secondary occupations in the PA-web.

What is a secondary occupation?

A secondary occupation is basically any temporarily or permanent activity alongside your employment.

The main rule is that you as an employee have your spare time and that secondary occupations are allowed. According to law and union agreements, however, there are rules to prevent secondary occupations that are credibility-damaging, work-hindering and competing.

Only employees who have a secondary occupation must declare this in the PA web. Employees who do not have a secondary occupation do not have to report this. Any changes to the secondary occupation must be reported on an ongoing basis. The obligation to report also applies during parental leave, leave of absence or sick leave.

How do I report a secondary occupation?

You report this in the PA web:

  1. Sign in with your KI-ID in Primula
  2. Click "My Page"
  3. Click "Secondary occupation"
  4. Select the form that apply to you
  5. Make your report and click "Submit"

There are two different forms for the report:

  • Secondary occupation - cooperation with KI - fill in secondary occupations where there is cooperation or financial relationship to KI.
  • Secondary occupation - no cooperation with KI - fill in secondary occupations where there is no cooperation or financial relationship to KI (written agreement is necessary).

If you have both collaborative and non-collaborative secondary occupations, both forms should be filled in.

If you have questions regarding secondary occupations, please contact the Head of Department or the Head of Administration.

In case you have employment at more than one department you should report your secondary occupation to the department where your main employment is located.

Reports of secondary occupations and personal data thereof are saved and handled according to The Data Protection Directive.

Questions regarding to PA-website or other technical problems when reporting secondary occupations should be emailed to