Published: 30-10-2008 00:00 | Updated: 26-11-2013 10:24

This year's Tore Andersson Prize awarded to Sir Michael Marmot

[PRESS RELEASE 2008-06-16] The 2008 Tore Andersson Prize for Epidemiological Research goes to Professor Sir Michael Marmot of the University College London. Professor Marmot, who is a world leading social epidemiologist, is to receive the prize for his research in social equity and health.

Sir Michael Marmot

Professor Marmot studies the effects of socioeconomic and psychosocial factors on health, particularly cardiovascular disease. His epidemiologic analyses of the Whitehall study of British civil servants, perhaps the worlds most well-known study of equity in health, are of particular importance. Professor Marmot's research has used a multi-disciplinary approach in which psychosocial as well as biological factors have been considered in the etiologic web of causation. His research has had clear preventive implications, and has considerable influence on health policy both in Great Britain and internationally. Amongst other important positions, Professor Marmot leads the WHO commission on "Social Determinants of Health", which will soon present its final report.

The prize of 100,000 crowns will be awarded at Karolinska Institutet's Installation Ceremony on 28 October.

The Tore Andersson Prize for Epidemiological Research is financed with a donation from Folksam insurance company, which has long supported and developed research and the evaluation of the causes of accidents and disease. The company first started investing in epidemiological and prevention research during former CEO Tore Andersson's term of office. On his retirement, Folksam decided to donate money to Karolinska Institutet to finance an annual prize in Tore Andersson's name to be awarded for epidemiological research, particularly that which uses epidemiological materials for prevention and public health. The previous years' prize winners are Walter Willett, Hans-Olov Adami and Ulf de Faire.

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