Published: 21-10-2021 12:38 | Updated: 21-10-2021 12:40

Thesis defences - beyond the pandemic

National restrictions are now lifted, and a transition is in progress from a pandemic situation into the “new normal”. The new normal is to combine being on campus with the experiences gleaned from remote working.

From October 2021, the following options are available for a thesis defence:

  1. Everyone is physically present in the room 
  2. Members of the examination board and/or the opponent participate remotely through digital solutions (read more here)
  3. An audience is present in the room, but another audience is also taking part through digital solutions (read more here)
  4. A combination of 2 and 3.  

Public defences during autumn semester 2021 

Defences taking place during the autumn semester 2021 can be carried out according to the original plan, regardless of any new routines. It is of course also allowed to re-plan, for example if someone earlier prohibited from travel now can come to KI. 
It was mandatory during the pandemic to web cast the public defence, but when the restrictions now are lifted this is not mandatory anymore, but an option. However, those who already have communicated an online defence must go through with this according to the original plan. 

Nailing routine simplified

The step in the nailing routine involving a faculty representative signing the thesis (“må spikas”) has been removed. This step has not been in use during the pandemic, and now a decision has been made not to reintroduce this after the pandemic. That means a simplified nailing routine compared to pre-pandemic.  

Updated information regarding theses defence

”The new normal” in doctoral education