Published: 06-02-2024 13:21 | Updated: 06-02-2024 14:01

The university administration changes name to "Professional Services"

Today, the president decided that the University Administration (UF) will change its name to Professional Services (GVS).

The need for a name change has been discussed within UF during 2023, and staff have been informed of the plans. The background to the decision is that a name for an organisation can give a signal about how it wants to be perceived, or where it is going. "Administration/Förvaltning" as a concept can today feel outdated and give a signal of an organisation that manages but does not develop, that governance, laws and rules are the most important. The name "professional services" better signals the primary mission of supporting the core activities, more actively develop working methods and at the same time monitor compliance with laws and regulations. The English name was chosen after an inventory of the names used for a university's operational support both in Sweden and in English-speaking countries.

- "Gemensamt verksamhetsstöd" is becoming an accepted term at Swedish universities and I think it signals something important at KI as well, says University Director Veronika Sundström.  

The decision will be implemented immediately, but will take time before the new name is implemented everywhere. The relevant departments at GVS are mapping out where changes need to be made and aims to have everything done by mid-year. All staff should review where we use the old terms ourselves and change them in, for example, email signatures, local document templates and so on. Envelopes, business cards, etc. can be used until they are out of stock.

The decision made by the President (Swedish)