Published: 06-11-2017 14:23 | Updated: 06-11-2017 14:28

The second Sino-Sweden Joint Workshop for Oesophageal Cancer

In October, a delegation of representatives of the Upper GI Surgery and Surgical Care Science research groups visited Nanjing Medical University and the university hospital in Huai'an in China. This was as a part of a continued research collaboration funded by the Swedish Research Council in Sweden and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in China.

A whole day symposium was held at the Nanjing University, hosted by Hongbing Zheng, president at Nanjing University. The ongoing research within the field oesophageal cancer at both universities was presented and discussed.

The president of the Nanjing Medical University prof Hongbing Zheng and professor Pernilla Lagergren

Thereafter the groups visited the affiliated hospital, Huai'an First People's Hospital, a hospital that caters for the region in China with the highest incidence of oesophageal cancer. A fruitful meeting discussing futere possibilities of co-operation with Professor Xiaoyang Sun, the Associate Chairman of Huai’an and Dean of Huai’an First People’s Hospital together with Prof. Xiaofei Chen, Prof. Liang Yu and Prof. Keping Xu, the tree Vice Deans of Huai’an First People’s Hospital ensued.

Huaian First Peoples Hospital

Our sincere hope is that we in the future will deepen our co-operation being able to use our respective strengths and advantages to further the knowledge about this cancer disease.

Welcome sign Huaian First Peoples Hospital