Published: 13-09-2022 17:03 | Updated: 13-09-2022 17:07

The recruitment process for university director begins

The task of recruiting a new university director for Karolinska Institutet has now begun. The first stage of the rigorous selection and interview process involves drafting a requirement profile for the post. The work will involve different groups at KI as well as managerial staff and representatives of the University Administration and the departments.

When the requirement profile is ready, the post of university director will be advertised while an external recruitment consultant also searches for suitable candidates.

The plan is for the selection of candidates and the first interviews to take place from the middle of October to early November. The candidates considered most suitable for the post on the basis of the requirement profile will then pass on to the interview stage, from which the final candidates will be selected for a second interview. Following this, one or more final candidates will be presented jointly by staff representatives and the employer before a decision is made to employ a new university director.

The new university director will succeed Katarina Bjelke. During the recruitment period, Gunnar Gustafsson Wiss will serve as university director on a pro tem basis.