Published: 21-09-2012 00:00 | Updated: 26-11-2013 10:29

The Mayo Clinic: An inspiration to KI

[NEWS 19 September 2012] For over 30 years, KI has been cooperating with the USA's Mayo Clinic, an organisation that tightly integrates healthcare with medical education and research. On 22 September, scientists from both organisations will be taking part in the largest joint meeting to date.

Martin Schalling

"The Mayo Clinic has a unique structure, in which healthcare, education and research all have the same principal," says Professor Martin Schalling, newly appointed coordinator for the partnership between KI and the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota. "This concept has proved highly successful and serves as an inspiration to us."

KI's collaboration with the Mayo Clinic has been extended to cover exchanges in education, innovation, library services and administration, as well as the scientific fields of metabolism, diabetes, nutrition, psychiatry, neurodegeneration, regenerative medicine, cancer and infection diseases.

"For their part, the Mayo Clinic is very interested in our innovation system and our strong research environments," says Professor Schalling.

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