Published: 13-02-2015 14:43 | Updated: 13-02-2015 14:59

The King of Sweden visits Karolinska Institutet

On Friday 13 February, the King of Sweden visited Karolinska Institutet. The aim was to learn more about the university’s innovation system, select research areas and the new internet-based global MOOC:s that was launched at KI in 2014.

The King was greeted by Vice-Chancellor Anders Hamsten at the entrance to the Aula Medica building and introduced to researchers and teachers who gave a presentation of a few important areas of research.

Among other subjects, KI’s innovation system – which offers expert skills within entrepreneurship and business development was discussed. The system is to ensure that innovations and ideas within the field of biomedicine are available and at the disposal of the health services.

The King also got to see how large-scale methods have revolutionised research and diagnostics on certain hereditary diseases. He was also given a presentation on the field of regenerative medicine, and of MOOC:s, Massive Open Online Courses. This autumn, KI was the first university in Sweden to offer these open, free-of-charge online courses, and thus earned a position as an important actor on the global education arena.