Published: 20-10-2021 17:25 | Updated: 20-10-2021 17:36

The importance of active breaks

Being physically active and breaking sedentary lifestyles are two important components that promote health and well-being. New research from the KI shows that three minutes of physical activity every half hour can improve the health of sedentary people.

We now sit still for a greater part of our waking hours. These changes have also contributed to a new area of research - the effects of sedentary behaviour.

The Public Health Agency has developed Swedish guidelines to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour:

  • All movement counts. Collect movement in everyday life and find everyday activities.
  • Take movement breaks. A few minutes every half hour reduces the risks of prolonged sedentary behaviour.
  • It is better to be a little physically active than not to be active at all.
  • Start with small amounts of physical activity. Gradually increase the frequency, intensity and duration over time.

Need tips and advice on how to incorporate movement into your daily life?

KI Health Promotion works to promote physical activity in a lifelong perspective, whether you are on campus or working flexibly. On our  webpage you can find inspiration, and tips on how to stay physically active every day.

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