Published: 26-03-2024 12:51 | Updated: 27-03-2024 13:58

The Friends of the Museum of Medical History - for a museum of medical history in Stockholm

Photo: Medicinhistoriska museet

Just like most European capitals, Stockholm previously had a museum of medical history, located in the old Eugeniahemmet next to KS and KI. However, the museum was closed in 2015. Since then, the museum’s large collection of items has been stored and is now managed by the Friends of the Museum of Medical History.

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In a warehouse outside Stockholm, the interior of older care rooms, instruments, specimens in glass jars, and tens of thousands of other items and documents from Stockholm’s long history of medicine and healthcare are stored. Even though the museum no longer exists, items from the collections are regularly displayed: they are loaned out for film recordings and exhibitions and are also requested by researchers.

The Friends of the Museum of Medical History are working to re-establish a museum of medical history in Stockholm. The association also organizes popular lecture evenings that are open to the public a few times each term. Do you want to get involved in the association, or perhaps come and listen to one of the spring lectures? Visit or send an email to!

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Next lecture 

takes place on April 23, at 5:00 pm, at CCK, Cancer Center Karolinska.

Fil. Dr. Jonatan Samuelsson, Umeå University, Knowledge, controversy and mercury: The debate about amalgam poisoning in late 20th century Sweden. Jonatan Samuelsson is a historian of ideas, and his dissertation from 2021 examines the debate about amalgam poisoning in Sweden. How and why did the debate about amalgam become so stormy just in Sweden, and how can the ideas about poisoning and the demands for recognition from those affected be understood?