Published: 19-05-2015 15:29 | Updated: 17-05-2016 15:54

The first Silvia doctors receive their diplomas from the Queen

“Now you can help to raise the life quality of these vulnerable patients and like flashing beacons spread your knowledge of dementia care,” said Karolinska Institutet’s vice-chancellor Anders Hamsten as he congratulated the first ever six doctors able to call themselves Silvia doctors. “I hope you all feel pride in what you’ve achieved.”

Queen Silvia herself presented the diplomas to the six doctors who will now be bearing her name.

The doctors have all taken a one-year’s Master’s programme in dementia care held jointly by Karolinska Institutet and the Silviahemmet Foundation, and received their diplomas at a degree ceremony at Drottningholm’s slottsteater. Also present was Minister for the Elderly, Åsa Regnér.

In this unique 18th century theatre, with its orchestra in period garb and an audience from all over the world, the Queen talked of her own mother’s dementia and of how the difficulties giving and receiving proper care made her start the Silvia home, which has always trained Silvia sisters – nursing auxiliaries specialising in dementia – and Silvia nurses. Now there are also the first Silvia doctors, amongst them Moa Wibom, consultant and specialist in public health at Ängelholm Hospital.

“These two years will be of benefit to us and our patients throughout our careers and our lives,” she says.

Text: Sara Nilsson

Photo: Gustav Mårtensson