Published: 07-12-2023 11:18 | Updated: 07-12-2023 11:20

The department is moving parts of the lab operations from Bioclinicum

The project group for KBH's move to Biomedicum: Jennifer Frithiof, Alexander Zulliger and Kristiina Tammimies Photo: Constantin Habimana Mugabo.

On 8 January, 2024, ten of KBH's research groups will move their lab operations from Bioclinicum to premises in Biomedicum.

The question of a possible move has been planned for over a year and has arisen due to Karolinska University Hospital's need for additional space for the Precision Medicine Center Karolinska (PMCK).

And now it's finally happening! Soon it will be time to start packing, because early in January next year it will be time to move to the new premises in Biomedicum. With this change, the last block in Biomedicum that was previously empty is now leased.

What are the main advantages of the new premises?

We are getting closer to some of our close partners and core facilities in Biomedicum, and we will have increased capacity for cell culture work in the new premises in block A04 in Biomedicum. In addition to this, we will have better adapted office areas for our research groups, says the project manager for the move and research group leader at the competence center KIND within KBH Kristiina Tammimies. 

And what are the biggest challenges?

There are many pieces that have to fit together and it requires close coordination with the R&D committee, the project group at Biomedicum and us. We partly belong to Karolinska University Hospital but will have our lab in KI's premises. We have had to come up with a lot of new solutions to make that combination work. But we have succeeded well thanks to the fact that everyone who has worked on the project has been solution-focused and flexible!

What does the move mean for the researchers in practical terms?

Employees have been involved all the way and received information and questions regarding what they need in new premises. The next step is to pack up in the Bioclinicum and then get started in the Biomedicum after the move!

View over stairwell, corridor and atrium.
Research lab Biomedicum. Photo: Jean-Bapiste Béranger, Akademiska Hus


8 January 2024.


The new premises are located in A04 in Biomedicum (block A, floor 4).


Ten of the research group at KBH who today have their lab operations on floor 9 of the Bioclinicum. 


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Kristiina Tammimies Principal Researcher