Published: 05-07-2017 13:50 | Updated: 05-07-2017 13:54

The Center for Innovative Medicine changes focus and board

CIMED, the Center for Innovative Medicine, is changing its focus and have a new board starting from 1 July. In addition to the new board with a greater clinical competence, CIMED is to focus more on supporting clinical research than previously. Research on chronic diseases and diseases with a heavy disease burden will also have a high priority.

The CIMED board’s period of office came to an end on 30 June and acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor Anders Ekbom took the formal decision on the changes the day before. The decision was taken in consultation with County Council Director Malin Frenning and the KI- Stockholm County Council (SLL) management team.

CIMED, whose objective is to find new treatments for endemic diseases, was inaugurated in 2015 and is funded primarily by SLL, but is a part of KI’s organization. SLL has now reviewed the support it provides to CIMED, which amounts to SEK 81 million annually.

In brief, the decision means that CIMED will have a more distinct focus on supporting clinical research than before. This involves providing support to both clinical research projects that are sought in competition and part-time clinical research positions, and to infrastructure that supports clinical research. The research must also be conducted in the Flemingsberg area. Research on chronic diseases and diseases with a heavy disease burden are to be prioritized.

In addition to a new board, CIMED will also have a new head active within clinical research in Flemingsberg. The position will be announced and applied for in open competition.

CIMED’s new board

Peter Lönnroth, professor, chair
Lars I Eriksson, professor, SLL
Anna Martling, professor, SLL
Annika Tibell, professor, SLL
Karin Dahlman-Wright, professor, KI
Ulf Hedin, professor, KI
Peter Stenvinkel, professor, KI