Published: 11-04-2024 09:09 | Updated: 11-04-2024 09:10

Temporary system change at SJ

SJ will make a system change in its booking flow, and this affects several other operators and systems

The change will take place on April 16, and will affect trips with travel dates from June 4.

This means that Amex GBT will not be able to book train journeys with SJ between 16-27 April for tickets departing from 4 June. Trips with travel dates up to 3 June can be booked.

The change affects both personal service and the self-booking system Neo.

SJ has also informed its customers directly about this system change.

According to information from MTRX, they will continue to be bookable during this period.

This means that during this time you must book a train ticket directly via the SJ website and payment is made with a private credit card.

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