Published: 08-06-2022 15:26 | Updated: 23-08-2022 15:32

Temporarily new guidelines when booking travel

As many of you have noticed, our response times from BCD Travel have been unsustainably long and create major problems for us. One explanation for this is that KI went down 93% in travel during the pandemic (2years) and BCD had to lay off staff and close offices. Our travel has skyrocketed to the maximum in the last month. BCD is in the process of hiring new employees and will increase the number of employees within a few weeks.

Due to this, we have decided that from Monday 9/5 until 30/11 2022 the following guidelines apply to booking trips.

• Primarily use BCD's online service as this means that you do not need to submit the booking request via email or sit on the phone but receive immediate confirmation. You can find the online service in your traveler's profile. Online booking can be made for yourself or for another traveler if you have authorization as a travel booker.

  • You can find the booking page in your profile.
  • See profile example below
BCD Profile
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• Second alternative, contact BCD either by e-mail or by phone.

• Thirdly (in cases where the following agreed service level* is not reached.

  •  Reservations request via phone:  80% of calls answered within 20 seconds
  • Reservation request via email: 80% of email answered within 2 hours

 It is OK for KI to book directly with a travel supplier and go outside the agreement.

PLEASE NOTE that reservations outside BCD must be paid for by private credit card and an expense may be made in Primula. These bookings cannot be chargeable to our travel account

For questions and more information contact

Kjell-Ove Lindgren
Travel manager