Published: 08-12-2014 14:22 | Updated: 02-05-2016 14:28

Swedish healthcare Quality Registers: Review paper and international meeting

With support from the Journal of Internal Medicine, Jonas Ludvigsson organises an international meeting on Dec 8-9 at Norra Latin in Stockholm. The meeting is planned to coincide with the publication of the first review paper about Swedish Quality Registers.

The meeting is aimed at healthcare professionals and researchers and covers a wide range of topics such as medical quality, randomised trials in quality registers, and text mining of patient charts. Different experiences from the UK, the US, and the Nordic countries will also be presented as well as government interactions and legal aspects.

From MEB Lisen Arnheim Dahlström, Pär Sparén and Louise Emilsson all chair sessions, while Joakim Dillner will talk about ”the quality registry as a tool to ensure effective preventive health services".