Published: 11-06-2024 14:15 | Updated: 11-06-2024 14:15

Summer Information LIME 2024

Photo: Astrid Åberg Magdalinski

As summer approaches, it’s essential to plan ahead. Here are some key considerations from the finance and HR departments.
During summer, administrative staff at LIME and KI may be on vacation, affecting their presence. Expect longer response times in email inboxes, and note that there will be auto-replies directing urgent matters.


During Prefect Sabine Koch’s vacation, please contact the deputy prefects during the specified periods:

Week 28: Terese Stenfors

Week 29: Clas Rehnberg

Week 30: Clas Rehnberg

Administrative Manager Anna Westerberg (on vacation weeks 28-32) regularly checks email during the holiday period.

HR is unavailable during weeks 30-31, and Finance during week 34 (urgent matters handles remotely this week).

Summer staffing (pdf)

Things to consider before summer


Purchase stop and postal delivery

With holiday times during the summer, it is important that you do not place orders that arrive during the summer. If you order something with delivery during the summer, you yourself are responsible for being there to receive the delivery. During week 29-32, Bo Planstedt is on holiday, which means that no one will be on site these weeks to leave outgoing mail or receive packages. If you are going to send mail during these weeks, it is required that you go down to the loading dock yourself to leave outgoing mail.

Contact: During the summer period, we refer all questions to functional address:, as Alan and Shumin will not be on site during their vacations and questions that come directly to their personal e-mail accounts risk falling through the cracks during the summer period.


UBW: Add substitutes or replacements during leave or vacation to ensure that invoices are handled.

Expenses and Travel Claims: We also want to remind you to plan ahead before the holiday season to avoid urgent expenses lingering for weeks. Allow time for review and approval



No new recruitment begins during the summer. The deadline for submitting recruitment documents is June 10th. This depends on the possible submission of appeals, interview opportunities and the holiday situation at the institution. If exceptions are to be made, there must be very good motivation.


Keep in mind that:

• Submit documentation relating to employment and affiliations, e.g. extensions, terminations, employment, and payroll accounting in time. Use the new forms from All About LIME or the website.

• all managers must certify vacations/holidays in the PA-web by May 31st.


Extend affiliations in good time, remember that those whose affiliation expires will lose all access to KI including their e-mail accounts. If the affiliation also expires, completely new forms + ID are needed to be able to create a new affiliation.

Reminder to register planned leave and summer vacation

We would like to remind you that all employees must take out a minimum of 20 vacation days per calendar year. To make sure that your salary will be paid correctly during the summer, all planned vacation and / or other types of leave (e.g. parental leave) should be registered and approved by your manager before the leave. All leave up until September should, as much as it is possible, be registered and approved by June.

Sick during summer 

If you become ill during your vacation, a sickness notification to must be made on the first day of illness. If the notification is not made on the first day, you will have to submit a medical certificate that is valid from the first day of illness.

Care of children (VAB) during your vacation 

If your child is ill during your vacation, you must notify your manager and then register VAB in the PA web, on your child´s first illness day. This is to ensure correct salary payment.


Deadline for sending in an application for dissertation or licentiate seminar to Ingrid Smedberg, with the aim to be handled at the dissertation committee meetings August 13, August 27 or September 9 is Monday July 8th. Send in the application as instructed on LIME web page (Appy for dissertation or licentiate). 

 If you plan to send in your notification for your half time review to be held in August or the first half of September, we need your application no later than July 8th. Follow instructions on LIME web page (Half-time review). 

Have a nice summer!