Published: 18-11-2022 15:02 | Updated: 18-11-2022 15:02

Students are satisfied with their education - and ready for professional life

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Students at KI. Photo: Erik Flyg.

The results of the Graduation survey show that students at KI are satisfied with their education and feel prepared for their future professional life. The students' answers provide important perspectives and ideas for the development of education.

KI's Graduation survey is conducted for all 38 educational programs and the results from Autumn term 2021 and Spring term 2022 show that students are generally satisfied with their education and would recommend KI to future students.

Zoe Säflund.
Zoe Säflund, Unit for Teaching and Learning. Photo: N/A.

"The results indicate  that to a large extent the students  feel prepared for their upcoming professional life when it comes to collaborate with others, to critically review information and to work evidence-based. Moreover, students feel prepared to work in interprofessional teams," says Zoe Säflund, Educational Developer at the Unit for Teaching and Learning (UoL).   

Our students feel that their education is to a large extent based on current research and that the design of the education greatly encourages independence in their learning. 

The global programs had higher values on most issues. 

The results on some questions show that students perceive their education as weaker when it comes to students being informed about their opportunities to influence the programmes courses. Students feel to a lesser extent encouraged to participate in the development of the courses.  

The results are sent to all programs 

All educational programs receive programme specific reports. The Graduation survey report with data from all the programmes is available on the Staff portal.  

“The survey contains three open-ended questions about what the students feel has been good with their education at KI, advice to the programmes of what to improve and even advice to future students. These comments are meaningful inputs that provide us with new ideas and perspectives. Therefore, it is important that the programmes include this data in their quality work”, says Zoe Säflund.

Facts about the Graduation survey 

  • KI's Graduation survey is conducted twice a year (for students with a degree in January and in June) for all degree programmes at first-cycle and second-cycle level.  
  • For Autumn term 2021 and Spring term 2022 the response rate for the Swedish educational programmes was 45 %, and 61 % for the global ones. The total number of students who answered the survey was 896.  
  • The Degree survey is conducted by the Unit for Teaching and Learning (UoL) on behalf of the Committee for Higher Education (KU). 


Zoe Säflund Educational Developer