Published: 30-03-2022 14:55 | Updated: 31-03-2022 16:25

Student essay contest on South Africa - Sweden relations

SASUF, South Africa Sweden University Forum, of which Karolinska Institutet is a member, invites all 3rd and 4th year students to participate in a student essay competition on South Africa-Sweden relations.

SASUF logo
Photo: SASUF logo

The Student Essay Contest on South Africa-Sweden Relations is a joint endeavour between the University of Johannesburg, SASUF and the Swedish Embassy in Pretoria. The Student Essay Contest on South Africa-Sweden Relations has the following objectives:

  • To help establish and foster long-lasting relationships between Swedish and South African students and academics.
  • To help promote awareness and dialogue on the special relationship Sweden and South Africa share. 
  • To gain new insights on how to take the relationship between Sweden and South Africa forward.

Essay topics 

  • Cultural diplomacy/issues
  • Science and technology diplomacy/issues
  • Academic/knowledge diplomacy
  • Environmental diplomacy/ issues
  • Gender issues

Read more about the student essay contest. Deadline for submissions is 20 May 2022.