Published: 22-11-2021 12:29 | Updated: 22-11-2021 12:36

Soham Gupta and Christopher Tibbitt are awarded the Jonas Söderquist scholarship year 2021

The Committee for Research at Karolinska Institutet has decided on recipients from the Jonas Söderquist scholarship foundation for basic research in virology and immunology 2021. Soham Gupta at the Institutionen of Laboratory Medicine (Labmed) and Christopher Tibbitt at the Institution of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH) are awarded funding.

Portraits of Soham Gupta_private photo, Chris Tibbitt_photo by Whitney Weigel
Soham Gupta_private photo, Chris Tibbitt_photo by Whitney Weigel

The funding is divided equally between the two awardees.


"Dr Soham Gupta is awarded for outstanding research of cross talk between innate immune signaling and metabolic pathways du ring viral infections. Through his research Dr Gupta is expanding the knowledge of the interplay between viruses and host immune-metabolic system using an integrated approach with combinations of multi-omics, immunology and molecular- and cell biology techniques."

"Dr Christopher Tibbitt is awarded for his excellent work on innate lymphoid cells and how metabolic changes affect their functions. Using human tissues, animal models and advanced technologies, Dr. Tibbitt is deciphering the function of these cells in health and in cancer, and how reprogramming of cell metabolism might be used to boost immune therapy in cancer treatment."

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