Published: 06-04-2023 15:28 | Updated: 14-04-2023 10:29

Show your research at ForskarFredag on 29 September

Cecilia Odlind and Lars Karlsson at Albanova.
Cecilia Odlind och Lars Karlsson. Foto: Sabina Giulini

Do you want to contribute to hands-on, interactive activities during Researchers’ night (ForskarFredag) in Stockholm on 29 September? ForskarFredag is an opportunity for the general public (primarily students from high school) to meet scientists.

Register your interest in participating by contacting Sabina Giulini,, Communications and Public Relations Office. Last day to register is 22 May.


Would you like to compete in the Researcher Grand Prix (Forskar Grandprix) during Researchers' night on September 29? Researchers' Grand Prix is ​​a competition where researchers give a 4-minute presentation on a stage in front of an audience and a jury.

Register your interest to participate


Sabina Giulini Communications Officer