Published: 13-04-2022 13:14 | Updated: 13-04-2022 13:15

Shortage of lab coats in ANA Futura

Rules for washing lab coats in ANA Futura.

To find a solution regarding the shortage of the lab coats, we ask all staff to leave the used lab coats for washing in the designated purple bags, no later than 12.00 every Friday. Please note! Only the purple bags are picked up, not the lab coats hanging on the wall.

The main rule is:

After putting a used lab coat in the laundry, you can take a new clean one from the cupboard. The number of used lab coats we send for washing, is the number of clean lab coats returned to us. If this routine is followed, the shortage of lab coats will cease.

Thank you for your help.

ANA Futura service team