Published: 26-10-2023 14:28 | Updated: 30-10-2023 11:46

Share your experiences with digitalised teaching

Student with computer
Student at KI. Photo: Liza Simonsson.

During Autumn a project group is working on recommendations for digitalised teaching. Contribute by answering the survey!

The aim is to get a basis for in which situations it may be desirable to have advice and recommendations from KU in relation to teaching using digital solutions.

It is important that the work and the recommendations are based on the needs of the organisation, so we now need your input. The survey is sent out via e-mail. Those who teach and interact with students at both undergraduate and graduate level can respond to the survey.

The work will be reported to the Committee for Higher Educationduring December 2023. The work also includes student representatives.


If you haven't recieved the survey, please contact Daniel Rössler Gausel, Deputy Area manager Digital learning, Unit for Teaching and Learning.