Published: 28-05-2015 11:01 | Updated: 28-05-2015 11:03

SciLifeLab widens infrastructure offer

SciLifeLab strengthens its available infrastructure and offers further support to Swedish researchers with activities at universities in Gothenburg, Linköping, Lund and Umeå.

To widen the range of technologies and competences that are available for Swedish researchers within Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) the board has decided to integrate technology competences from other Swedish universities into the center. These technology laboratories will complement the current center infrastructure and will be integrated into the SciLifeLab technology platform organization.

At the SciLifeLab board meeting April 13 it was decided that six such facilities will be financed and integrated in the center as of 2016.

”The expansion of SciLifeLab with complementary technologies means that researchers from all over Sweden get access to additional technologies and competences. It also facilitates collaboration between research groups at the involved universities and strengthens Swedish research and makes it more competitive internationally”, said Göran Sandberg, Chair of the SciLifeLab board.