Published: 24-11-2021 09:21 | Updated: 06-12-2021 08:10

Samir EL Andaloussi, appointed Professor in Biomolecular Medicine and Advanced Therapies

Samir El Andaloussi
Samir El Andaloussi Photo: Ulf Sirborn

Samir EL Andaloussi is newly appointed Professor in Biomolecular Medicine and Advanced Therapies at the Department of Laboratory Medicine.

Congratulations Samir! How does it feel?

– It feels good. It’s a nice ackonwledgement that the work we are doing is of importance.

Why have you become interested in this particular research area?

– I have always had an interest in advanced therapies using nucleic acid based drugs. In contrast to small molecules, the use of nucleic acid-based drugs allow targeting of virtually any disease. Key to succes for this relatively new class of drugs will be to develop new technologies that facilitate tissue and cell uptake, espcially into tissues beyond liver. To achieve this, we are making use of the bodys own nano-delivery system, namely exosomes, where we, with advanced cell engineering, can load these drugs into exosomes and use them for targeted drug delivery.

What does the future hold, is there anything particularly exciting you are looking forward to?

– I want to continue developing the exosome technology and build a modular platform, similar to lego, where specific parts can be effectively replaced to adapt the exosomes for delivery of different macromolecular drugs depending on disease target.