Published: 21-12-2021 10:06 | Updated: 21-12-2021 10:09

Rodrigo Fernandez Gonzalo receives 4,2 MSEK from the Swedish Space Agency

Rodrigo Fernandez Gonzalo at the Department of Laboratory Medicine is awarded a 4-year career grant in space research of 4,2 MSEK to investigate the mechanisms behind skeletal muscle and immune system alterations during spaceflight.

Photo of researcher Rodrigo Fernandez Gonzalo at the Department of Laboratory Medicine
Rodrigo Fernandez Gonzalo, Division of Clinical Physiology, Department of Laboratory Medicine Photo: Private

–  This career grant means that I will be able to focus 100% on my scientific passion, that is, how spaceflight affects the human body. Thanks to this support, I will be able to use different models (human, mice, and cell studies) to understand the mechanisms of space-induced alterations, and then design strategies to make long-term spaceflight safer for humans, says Rodrigo Fernandez Gonzalo.

The project

The project is focused on revealing some of the mechanisms behind the changes caused by the space environment (lack of gravity, radiation, and stress) on the skeletal muscle and the immune system. Rodrigo will also evaluate different countermeasures to reduce the negative consequences of long-duration spaceflight on the human body. This is a key mission for all space agencies preparing for trips to Mars and the Moon.