Published: 10-08-2015 13:31 | Updated: 19-08-2015 15:44

Rickard Sandberg receives Vallee Foundation Young Investigator Award

Rickard Sandberg a researcher at Karolinska Institutet's Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, has been awarded the Vallee Foundation's Young Investigator Award.

The Vallee Foundation award recognizes “outstanding young scientists at a critical juncture in their careers” and provides discretionary funds for biomedical research.

Rickard Sandberg is one of the recipients of the 2015 Young Investigator Awards for his work as "an international leader in areas of single-cell genomics and bioinformatics who studies gene regulation with single-cell resolution. In particular, his work has unraveled pronounced variations in whether genes are expressed from only one allele or from both alleles. In this project, he will use single-cell RNA sequencing to study the clonal nature of allelic expression across tissues and cell types. This knowledge is important for our understanding of how variations in gene expression manifest and how they impact the development of characteristics and ultimately genetic disease".

Link to the Vallee Young Investigator Award