Published: 26-09-2022 14:58 | Updated: 26-09-2022 14:58

Results and measures of the fire drill in ANA Futura in June

On June 20, 2022 we had a fire drill at Alfred Nobels Allé 8. Each floor had designated observers who closely followed how the staff acted during the evacuation. The results and proposed measures of improvements of the drill in ANA Futura is now summarised.

Response and evacuation routes

The first alarm was activated in a BSL2-lab area at floor 7 (in one fire cell), and two minutes later a full alarm for the whole ANA 8 building was activated by Akademiska Hus.

  • In general, good response and evacuation.
  • The evacuation was delayed by about 3-4 minutes due to the main exits being purposely blocked and staff having to find alternative exits.
  • Very few checked out the map for nearest exits, most staff only followed others.
  • Only 3 persons took the responsibility to wear the fire ward west and lead the evacuation (we have 16 fire information stations in ANA Futura).
  • Many of the staff found the exits in the end of corridors (north and south corners) but did not use the nearest emergency exit at floor 4.

At the assembly point

  • Some staff initially stayed at the main entrance of ANA 8 before they followed others to te assembly point.
  • Many of the staff did not stay at the grass area (assembly point), but on the side of the road.
  • Difficult to hear the information from the drill leader.
  • Only few persons wore the fire ward west.
  • Many of the staff just followed other people.

Technical observations

  • Good audibility in all labs and corridors (67-89 dB).
  • Low audibility in some WC areas ( not regulated by Arbetsmiljöverket).
  • All fire doors were in function and closed as they should.
  • Speed-gates were automatically opened during the evacuation alarm, as expected.
  • Elevators were not in operation, as they expected.

Proposed measures

  • The knowledge about all emergency exits routes in the building needs to be improved.
  • More staff member need to feel confident to put on their vests and act as evacuation leader. The more people who wear the vest, the easier it will be for all evacuation leaders to act.
  • Remind everyone that the assembly point is on grass area (opposite to ANA 10), not on the side road, which might cause problem for traffic and passing people.
  • A megaphone should be available to ensure the audibility of the information given by any leader/responsible person.