Published: 16-03-2022 09:00 | Updated: 16-03-2022 15:05

Resource for accessibility in digital environments

Student working on his laptop.
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With the resource "Accessibility in digital environments" you can learn more about accessibility for your digital course room, and how to create accessible documents.

Making adjustments that are necessary for an individual student with a disability usually benefits the entire study group, and can also lead to pedagogical development.

In this resource you will learn more about the web accessibility directive and how to make your digital course room accessible.

- We have developed this resource to make it easier for teachers to create accessible course rooms and available materials. You will find tips about what to do and how to do this, says Henrika Florén, Educational developer at Unit for Teaching and learning. 

About the resource

You can find the resource in Canvas. You can go through it as a course step by step, but you can also use it as a resource to return to if necessary. More information on Accessibility in digital environments.


Henrika Florén Educational developer