Published: 10-05-2023 15:57 | Updated: 10-05-2023 16:12

Residence Assistants to KI Residence Solna

Are you a caring person and like to help others? Are you interested in facilitating relationships between your corridor mates? KI Housing is looking for new ”Residence Assistants” to KI Residence Solna as some of our current RAs will move out soon.

As a Residence Assistant, you need to have a great social commitment and like to help others. The intention is that the Residence Assistant should be acting as a liaison between tenants and KI Housing staff.

Residence Assistants responsibilities

– Being a helping hand for the tenants in KI Residence Solna during non-office hours
– Create a community where tenants get to know their neighbors
– Respond to certain emergency situations
– Handle master key

Examples on duties

– Helping tenants to access their rooms/apartments if they would be locked out
– Assist arriving tenants if any problems occur upon their arrival
– Host events and introduction meetings for arriving tenants
– Helping tenants in case of false fire alarms in the common areas
– Staying up to date with area guidelines to ensure tenants are following them at all times
– Attending regular meetings with KI Housing
– Being available for other practical tasks in KI Residence Solna


We are looking for a reliable and grounded person who have the ability to work independently and in a structured manner.

We appreciate if you are a person with an outgoing personality who likes to socialize with your neighbors and corridor mates. You need to have a positive attitude and good communication skills in English.

Position requirements

– You need to be a KI Housing tenant and live in KI Residence Solna
– You need to belong to one of the eligible categories for housing according to the new directive that is effectual from the 1st of January, 2023 (
– You need to have a rental contract with us at least until the end of the autumn semester 2023
– You need to have a Swedish personal number to take this employment

About the employment

– Part-time employment, about 30 hours a month
– Hourly salary
– Holiday allowance
– Starting time: June 2023

Interested in the position?

If you are interested in the position, we ask you to send us your resume and cover letter to

The latest date to apply is May 21, 2023.

Questions regarding the position?

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Nevim or Petrus:

Nevim Temiz, Residence Manager KI Residence Solna

08-524 820 35

Petrus Jansson, Team Manager KI Housing

08-524 865 11