Published: 15-08-2016 17:04 | Updated: 22-08-2016 11:16

Research projects completed on two summer research programs at karolinska Institutet

Students on the Amgen Scholars Program presented their results and defended their posters to conclude their summer project work at Karolinska Institutet last week, and the Summer Course in Medical Science concludes this August.

The Amgen Scholars Program at Karolinska Institutet is coordinated by Jonas Sundbäck at MTC. The program is an opportunity for international and national undergraduate students to conduct research during 8 weeks in the summer.

More information about the Amgen Scholars Program

The Summer Course in Medical Science coordinated by MTC's Anthony Rothfuchs, is a research-preparatory course open to students enrolled in First-cycle (undergraduate) programs at Karolinska Institutet.

More information about The Summer Course in Medical Science