Published: 21-09-2023 11:42 | Updated: 21-09-2023 11:42

Research project at the Division of Oral Diseases is nominated for best research report of the year 2023

Woman working in the lab.
Photo: Storyboard Film & Television AB

Franziska Hetrodt's research project is nominated for the best research report of the year by the Swedish Society of Cariology (SFFC)

The research report will be presented during the Annual Swedish Dental Congress held in Umeå in November.

The title of the research report is: Prevalence of dental caries in patients with Down syndrome - A systematic review; F.Hetrodt, A.Nygren, T.Esmaili, Z.Yehia, D.Koletsi, G.Tsilingaridis, N.Bostanci.