Published: 09-02-2015 14:17 | Updated: 09-02-2015 14:17

Research collaboration with Zhangguang

Harvest F. Gu receives SEK 7,9 millions from Zhangguang 101 Science & Technology Co., Beijing, for a three years research project in order to evaluate the value of Taxus chinensis in medicine.

The main goals are to explore the effects of Taxus chinensis leaves on diabetes, hypertension and insommia to investigate the molecular mechanism for further pharmacological and clinical applications.

Signature Ceremony February 9

The Signature Ceremony was held at Karolinska Institutet on February 9, 2015 where delegates from both Karolinska Institutet and Zhangguang 101 Science & Technology Co were present together with the Chinese Ambassador Chen Yuming.

Taxus chinensis is also known as Yew or Longevity Tree. Taxus chinensis occurs in evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved forests, frequently along streams. Its altitudinal range in China is from 1,100 m to 2,700 m a.s.l. The undergrowth is often dominated by bamboo thickets. Extracts of many parts of the plant (roots, wood, bark and leaves) are used in traditional Chinese medicine.