Published: 29-03-2022 17:18 | Updated: 29-03-2022 17:25

Requirements collected regarding improvements of our IT-systems related to education

The picture shows people in a workshop using sticky notes n a wall to make priorities.
Photo: Jason Goodman on Unsplash

To improve and develop digitalization within KI’s education sector, is a part of “KI’s strategy for information management 2019-2022”. An ongoing project will deliver a proposal of goals to improve information management and IT-systems related to education.

In February 47 Departmental Directors of Education (GUA), Programme Directors, Course Responsibles, Administrators, Program Study Counselors, Students, PhD-students etc which had an interest in this area gathered. Under guidance from members from the project team, the participants discussed their need for additional digital support, problems experienced e t c. The workshop was very successful and in total 166 suggestions were collected, which after an analysis by project team has resulted in 23 suggested possible goals for improvements of information management and IT-systems related to education at KI. 

During a second workshop held in March, the participants continued to discuss these goals as well as the priorities between them. This workshop was also successful, and the project team now has a good base of information to continue to work with. The proposed goals will be summarized in a report which will be delivered in early June.

The project Strategic action plan for Information Management for Education is one of the projects within the programme Information Management at KI.


Mathias Pettersson Consultant/externa personnel