Published: 13-04-2023 11:06 | Updated: 13-04-2023 11:09

Register your interest in becoming a supervisor for a high school student during the summer of 2023!

Welcome to register your interest in becoming a supervisor to a research-interested high school student during the summer of 2023 (26 June – 28 July). Doctoral students who register their interest are presumed to have made an agreement with his/her supervisors and research group leader.

A bench fee of 25 000 SEK per student goes to the supervisors account at the end of the project, which can be useful for a doctoral student or postdoc planning a conference trip in the autumn.

Register your interest by emailing Claudia Kutter.

The purpose of KI’s summer research school for high school students is to stimulate interest in biomedical research. The school is open to applications from high school students from all over the country.

Information about the summer school (in Swedish since the webpage is directed to high school students, however you don’t have to be Swedish speaking to become a mentor) 

Tips: Supervising a high school student can be a great way to achieve the outcome for degree of doctor regarding contributing to social development and supporting the learning of others.


Claudia Kutter Principal Researcher