Published: 26-10-2015 10:43 | Updated: 26-10-2015 10:44

RECRUITMENT: Professor in Molecular toxicology

During recent years research in Toxicology has become increasingly molecular. It has become clear that most toxic agents can interfere with cell signaling systems, and that this may cause cell damage or death. Increased production of reactive oxygen species, leading to DNA damage, has subsequently been shown to be an effect of many toxic agents. DNA damage and incomplete DNA repair often lead to apoptotic cell death or, alternatively, to cell proliferation. Research on how toxic agents might interfere with cell signaling mechanisms is thus important for our understanding of the mechanisms by which environmental toxicants can affect human health.

The applicant shall lead a research group and conduct outstanding research within the field of molecular toxicology with focus on cell damage and cell death, as well as supervise PhD students and postdoctoral junior researchers. Responsibilities include research as well as teaching at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level. The applicant is also expected to actively contribute to the development of IMM and its strong academic environment with collaborations, seminars and other scientific interactions.

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