Published: 30-09-2014 08:25 | Updated: 30-09-2014 11:08

Ready. Set. Go! The KI run gets campus on its feet

An eager crowd gathered shivering on the lawn outside Jöns Jacob restaurant last Wednesday afternoon: it was time for the annual KI run (KI-loppet).


The voice of Patrik Emanuelsson from Friskvården, which arranges the KI run, boomed through the PA system, loud enough for even those waiting inside in the warm to hear.

They would soon be getting warmer.

Roughly 300 runners arranged themselves at the starting line, amongst them oncologist Dr Veronica Höiom, who insisted on warming up properly first.

“I go exercising four or five times a week, and I’ve done quite of few of these kinds of run in my time,” she said. “It’s good to be ahead at the start, but it’s important not to push yourself too hard too early. That’s a mistake that many people make,” she added prophetically.


At the report of the starting pistol, everyone set off on the first of their two laps of the 2.1 km track around the Solna campus – a distance short enough for everyone to do, but long enough for an experienced runner to get properly into their stride.

Some had left their running gear at home, but that didn’t stop them taking on the challenge in their jeans and day shoes.

Some ran both to do well and to enter the Funniest Hat contest. Like Fanny Goude, with team-mates Clas Rehnberg, Sofia Bergfors, Cecilia Dahlgren and Philip Wehtje.

“It’s not that easy to keep my head tilted so that people can read the bars of my lovely hat chart,” said Fanny, who ran the entire race with a smile on her face.

In the team race, four runners took one lap each. Medical student Julia Andersson had a goofy grey dog on her head, but was in her own words “so not ready for this”.

“I’m easily the least fired up of everyone round here. I was pushed into it. The others in the team do their laps in 7 or 8 minutes. That’s what I’ve got to live up to. I’m looking at under ten. Or at least to not collapse in tears!”

Julia ran with the Mümmelmann Warriors – Josefine Doverlid, Olle Thunberg and Emil Olofsson.

Veronica Höiom crossed the line with the fastest time in the female category, two laps in 17 minutes and 21 seconds, and gave her victory interview effortlessly.

“It was just as I said. Many of them started running too fast. I overtook them later.”

In second place amongst the women was Anne Örtqvist.

The male category was won by Filip Segerberg, who crossed the line with a fantastic 13 minutes and two seconds. But then he does train as a high-level athlete for Hammarby IF. Albin Sjöblom came in just seconds behind him, and Filip Wehtje was third.

Elisabeth Kavén, financial administrator, hung back at the tail-end of the field and walked round with her friends.

“I see it as a social activity, something that everyone gets involved in,” she said. “More and more of us from work are taking part. There are seven of us now, which is great!”

Mats Engelbrektson, HR director, was also there.

“What a day! I came top in my age category. At least I think I did. If there was such a thing. Anyway, I didn’t see anyone of my age overtaking me! The youngsters on the other hand – God, can they run! Phew!”

Text: Jonas Fredén

Photo: Gunnar Ask