Internal courses and training Publishing videos in your Canvas course using My media and Media gallery

24-03-2021 9:30 am - 11:00 am Add to iCal
Online Zoom

What are My media and Media gallery via Canvas? Karolinska Institutet’s version of Canvas uses a video platform called Kaltura for sharing video within the context of a course. Inside Canvas, the Kaltura tools are called My Media and Media Gallery. During this webinar we will go through the basics.

During this short workshop we will show you:

  • How to record and locate videos directly recorded into the New Content Editor
  • How to upload a film to My Media in Canvas
  • How to add a co-editor or a co-publisher to a video in My Media
  • How to embed a video in a Canvas page, assignment or quiz
  • How to publish your videos to Media Gallery in your course
  • How to upload your captions file to a video in Canvas

Why My Media in Canvas and not KI Play?

Kaltura is also the video platform which hosts both videos on KI Play and My Media in Canvas. However videos published on KI Play are not visible to the user via My Media in Canvas. They exist in two separate channels. Videos published on KI Play are regarded as open for the public and therefore require captions as of September 2020 (EU accessibility regulations).

We recommend that you publish teaching materials using the Kaltura tools in Canvas (My media and Media gallery). KI Play can be used to share videos via other platforms eg Drupal or other web pages outside of Canvas. Please note that only users with a KI-ID can publish on KI Play.

My Media

My Media is a collection of all the videos you’ve recorded or uploaded with the Kaltura tools in Canvas. It is your complete library of videos and is associated with your Canvas account, but not with any particular course.

Your students, in a particular course, cannot see films that are in your My Media collection unless you publish them in the course. Students can see their own videos if they have any uploaded via Canvas via My Media.

Media Gallery

Media Gallery is the place, within a course, where you can choose and post videos from your My Media collection for your students to view, in the context of the course. This gallery also allows you to sort your films into channels and playlists.

Please note that videos which are recorded directly via the New Rich Content Editor (see guide below) are saved in a folder called Media Uploads via Files.

About the webinar

During the first hour we will go through the basics above. We will give give you a brief explanation of the difference between using My Media in Canvas vs KI Play. The last 30 minutes will be for your own questions about using video via Canvas.


This workshop will be given via Zoom and you will need a headset and web camera to participate.

You should be familiar with publishing in Canvas. A week before this workshop you will be given access to a Canvas course room where we will ask you to record a short video presentation of yourself directly in the New Content Editor. This activity will not take more than 30 minutes to complete.

You will also be given the opportunity to post questions ahead of the workshop in a discussion forum.


Carina Bois Educational Technologist