Published: 21-12-2023 12:53 | Updated: 21-12-2023 12:56

Project underway to modernise the Central Administration’s ways of working and workplace

Student and staff at the lawn on campus Solna, playing volleyball and sitting on the grass.
Outdoor surroundings at campus Solna. Foto: Liza Simonsson

The University Director has made a decision to start a new project aimed at modernising the working methods and workplace of KI's central administration.

"We currently have a far too low utilization rate of our premises and at the same time a great need for cooperation, not least to increase the feeling that "KI is us" - both between staff and departments," says KI's University Director Veronika Sundström.

A welcoming workplace with efficient spaces and reduced environmental impact

In the long term, a more efficient use of premises will also help KI reduce both costs and environmental impact. One basis for this analysis is the occupancy measurement carried out during the autumn in several of the premises on the Solna campus. 

The new project will focus on developing a shared office in one building that can accommodate everyone in some way. 

"We want to create a workplace that is welcoming, efficient and provides opportunities for both co-operation and individually focused work. The goal is to increase cooperation between departments and increase the utilisation rate of our spaces," says KI’s Facilities Director Rikard Becker.

The offices in Aula Medica and other buildings on the Solna campus will remain, but their use and design will be reviewed as part of the project.

Responsibility for implementation, staff involvement and timetable

The Administrative Support Office and the Property and Facilities Office are now working on setting up a project organisation to start this project. This also means that the previous project to improve the areas accessible to all at the Central Administration is cancelled in favour of this project.

The project organisation will be in place in February 2024 to begin the work of first producing a so-called programme document. This is done through a needs inventory where the needs of all individual employees and departments are compiled and analysed in order to clarify the needs and opportunities that exist for us at KI.

The project will involve staff and results and progress will be communicated regularly at meetings and on the Staff Portal. 

"By the end of 2024, we expect the project to present concrete proposals that we can then decide to implement," says Tomas Högberg, Head of Administration at KI.