Published: 26-01-2022 16:49 | Updated: 27-01-2022 08:56

Project to review administrative support

Currently, there is an ongoing project to review the general administrative support at NVS. The project has been initiated mainly because of the high personnel turnover for divisional administrators during the past few years. A majority of the NVS divisions have challenges in keeping these positions filled. The burning question is how to work smarter and more coordinated to prevent this. The project is anchored in the local collaboration group (Samverkansgruppen).

In the fall 2021, the project group held a workshop for administrators, where mainly the pros and cons of the current organization were discussed. Maria Staiger, project leader and Mona Hellstadius, Head of HR, have also conducted interviews with all heads of divisions on the same topic.

The results are now collected and compiled as strengths and weaknesses for the current organization including a projection of how coordinated administrative support for the department could work. The steering group have been involved in giving valuable input and a thumbs up for continued work on the project. A second workshop for administrators is planned for February 23. The goal this time is to come up with suggestions for actions and organizational changes that benefit both individual administrators as well as the divisions they support. These suggestions will then be presented to heads of divisions for further discussion.