Published: 15-08-2017 13:28 | Updated: 15-08-2017 13:29

Professors Anna Martling and Ulf Hedin, both at MMK, are new members of the Board of Directors at CIMED

CIMED, the Center for Innovative Medicine, is changing its focus and have a new board starting from 1 July 2017. In addition to the new board with a greater clinical competence, CIMED is to focus more on supporting clinical research than previously. Research on chronic diseases and diseases with a heavy disease burden will also have a high priority.

CIMED, whose objective is to find new treatments for endemic diseases, was inaugurated in 2015 and is funded primarily by SLL, but is a part of KI’s organization. SLL has now reviewed the support it provides to CIMED, which amounts to SEK 81 million annually.

CIMED’s new board

Peter Lönnroth, professor, chair
Lars I Eriksson, professor, SLL
Anna Martling, professor, SLL
Annika Tibell, professor, SLL
Karin Dahlman-Wright, professor, KI
Ulf Hedin, professor, KI
Peter Stenvinkel, professor, KI

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