Published: 04-07-2017 14:11 | Updated: 06-02-2018 14:32

PRIME Health participates in seminar on physical activity among children and adolescents

Porträttbilder på Cecilia Magnusson och Daniel Berglind

Cecilia Magnusson and Daniel Berglind from the research group Prevention, Intervention and Mechanisms in Public Health (PRIME Health) participates at the seminar "Physical activity among children and adolescents - who bears the responsibility?" on Wednesday 5 July, during the Almedalen week in Visby.

The seminar's main topic is to discuss who is responsible for the physical activity of children and adolescents. The government has announced efforts to increase physical activity, including 100 more hours of physical education in schools.

This seminar raises the question whether one extra extra hour of physical education a week is sufficient and discusses options for greater interaction with business to increase physical activity among children and young people.

Time and place for the seminar
When: Wednesday 5 July 2017, at 10.00-11.20
Where: Hamnplan, H234