Published: 22-06-2022 18:27 | Updated: 29-06-2022 17:27

Presence in Biomedicum during Summer 2022 for NEURO management and administration

Green meadow with summer flowers in white, read, pink and yellow.
Green meadow with summer flowers. Photo: Pixabay.

On this page you will find information regarding the administrative unit and the management’s presence in Biomedicum over the summer.

Availability during Summer 2022

The administration at Neuro will be unmanned between 18 July-1 August. In case of emergency, please contact the Head or Deputy Head of Department and/or Head of Administration during this period.


  • Head of Department (Prefekt): Gilberto Fisone, out of office 23 June-10 July (can be contacted during leave)
  • Deputy Head of Department: Lennart Brodin, out of office 4 July-7 August (can be contacted by email/phone during leave)
  • Head of Administration (AC): Sigge Berglann, out of office 4 July-7 August (can be contacted by email/phone during leave)

Financial unit

  • Controller: Therese Brogårde, out of office 11-31 July and 4-14 August (can be contacted by email/phone during leave)
  • Financial officer: Patricia Kouassi, out of office18 July-21 August


  • HR supervisor: Malin Guvéus, out of office 30 June, 1, 8 July, 14 July-7 August and 11-12 August
  • HR officer: Anna Däckfors, out of office 1-31 July


  • Education administrator: Eva Noréns, out of office 4 July-8 August
  • Education administrator: Elinor Schüberg, out of office 7 July-9 August
  • Education administrator: Marianne Rothoff, out of office 27 June-31 July

Communication & web

  • Communications officer: Lotte Brandt, out of office 25 July-28 August.

The administration wishes you all a nice holiday and summer!


Head of administration

Email: (Sigge Berglann)


Shared email: (Therese Brogårde and Patricia Kouassi)

Human Resources

Shared email: (Malin Guvéus and Anna Däckfors)

Doctoral education administrator

Email: (Eva Noréns)

Communication & webb

Email: (Lotte Brandt)


Sigge Berglann Head of administration